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Why make another blog site about writing? Really?


For one very good reason: I needed one. I needed a site that had a huge selection of “How-To-Write” articles at my fingertips.

Not obscure and well-hidden articles that I had to search for across the vast expanse of the inter-verse, but right here next to me while I worked.

If I wanted info on description techniques or point of view issues while working on my novel, or a quick reference to blogging info or business letters, I didn’t want to kill hour after hour searching site after blog after hit only to be either disappointed in the quality of the information, or crazed from chasing down error 404 pages.

The road to hell is paved with constant searching and never finding. So I had no choice but to start necessarywriters.com.

But I knew I couldn’t write all the “How-To” articles on my own. Even if I was flying high on a triple venti white chocolate mocha and some really good anti-oxidants. Plus I know some damn fine writers who know a heck of a lot of good stuff about writing.

So my “Eureka!” moment came in the form of opening my site up to contributing authors. That way we can all post a variety of articles on a large assortment of writing-related topics and ALL of it will benefit YOU, the reader.

Wait! Don’t sneak off yet. That’s right. You don’t have to stay a reader.

I offer a series of workshops for fiction writers, open to a limited number of students. To find out more about them, click here.

You can also contribute your own writing knowledge to this ever growing site. To read our Contributor/Submission Guidelines go here. To query me or for any questions you might have, click here. Hey, why not post your own writing experiences or knowledge. We all want to know what you know!

Bottom line: I needed this site. I hope you do too. If we all contribute to it, we’ll all reap huge benefits in writer-ly know-how and maybe even some side benefits like a cool community of like-minds who need support, a pat on the back, or a spirited discussion on the topic nearest and dearest to us all: Writing.

Have fun exploring the site. It’s packed with information all arranged in an easy to find format. I’ll be at the coffee shop if you need me! (That’s me in the corner with the red laptop.)

Happy reading and writing!

-Birgitte Necessary

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