“I never had any doubts about my abilities. I knew I could write.
I just had to figure out how to eat while doing this.”

— Cormac McCarthy

Working as a freelance writer offers the allure of earning tons of money . Just you, your lap top, and maybe a sunny beach somewhere.

I’ve read too many books on freelance writing where the authors promise a life of independence. All you have to do is work your butt off and market yourself correctly. Heck, you don’t even need to be good at writing, just good at convincing people you’re good at writing.

Are they right?

Well, yes, mostly. The truth is, working as a freelance writer is no different than any other self-employment opportunity; it all hinges on how hard you work. So let’s asks some important questions:

1) Do you like to write? Not just an article here or a newsletter there, but can you sit down every day and pound out words for other people or businesses?

2) Are you willing to do a lot of marketing and sales? Sorry, it’s not just about writing. No one is going to hand you jobs. You have to find them. Marketing can easily take up 75% of your time, and should at the beginning.

3) Are you organized? There are so many details inherent in owning your own business, from keeping track of job deadlines, accounts receivable, marketing campaigns, whether you’ve stuffed the pipeline with jobs to keep you busy. What if you run out of work in December and find yourself giving your family and friends second edition copies of your very own “Funny but Tragic Experiences of a Budding Freelance Writer?”

And yes you do have to be able to write well, but not perfectly. There’s a lot of bad writing out there. Just pick any five random websites to see it. Many businesses will pay you for good, decent copy.

Certainly there are a hundred other skills and techniques that will determine your success as a freelance writer, but if you can answer “yes” to the three questions above, you are on your way to that sunny beach.

The links below lead you into the world of freelance writing. You’ll find a wide variety of tips, “how-to’s” and informational articles. So grab your lap top and let’s go!

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