“Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.”
–Thomas Berger

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Nonfiction writing comprises the largest writing genre available, and includes autobiographies, biographies, travelogues, technical writing, business writing, website copy, how-to books, newspapers and magazine articles.

Sure there are gray areas. Memoirs for instance. Are they fiction or nonfiction? Tell-all’s too. But by far, more people write in the realm of nonfiction than fiction. This is the writing you do every day. The stuff your boss asks for. Or your editor. Or your kid, the night before his 5 page paper on Global Warming is due.

The following articles are here to help you along the journey of “real life.” We all need help. And coffee. And chocolate. I digress.

Enjoy browsing our articles in the nonfiction sanctum sanctorium. They’ll provide you with a good reality check. And grateful kids. Oh and don’t forget to contact me about submitting any nonfiction articles you have in mind. Because this is the largest section of necessarywriters, it’s the one we need most help with! Cheers!

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