Seriously Huge List of Freelance Job Sites

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A freelance writer has many options when it comes to finding a place to bid on jobs. (Or hire jobbers.) Through various online marketplaces you can easily join the millions of users who take advantage of third-party job sites to make a living online.

Think of them as online temp agencies. Clients post their job needs or vacancies and you answer by submitting resumes and work samples.

Job categories are as varied as the real world, with lots of work for writers. Usually. The economy has had an impact, but these sites keep churning out the offerings. So I keep visiting them. Get your vitals ready and go on out there. You and I both know that your dog is in serious need of kibble.

All of these bid sites require you to sign up as a member, but most are free. Signing up usually takes 10-15 minutes, longer if you aren’t ready with a resume and sample work files. You will also be asked to create a profile, usually optional, but the more information potential clients have about you, the greater your chance of getting hired.

Most sites have a control panel section where you keep track of the jobs you’ve bid on, as well as those that have been accepted and declined

When you’ve completed a job, the client rates you. This rating becomes an important sell point for future jobs, the higher your satisfaction rating, the greater your chance of getting hired again.

Here is my recommended list of freelance job sites. Not only have I been awarded writing jobs from these sites, I’ve hired writers from them too. Caveat: Beware when hiring writers, (can’t believe I’m saying this) some of the talent available isn’t all that talented. But most are. is among the top 20 most visited sites on the internet. Not just a job listing site, monster offers career and educational advice, resume services financial advice, and more. It’s huge, but then, why look for small stuff when your next meal may  depend on your computer humming. Membership: Free. has quickly become one of the top freelance sites through their savvy marketing and broad appeal. They have over 1,000,000 active freelance members and are one of the top sites for finding work and outsourcing. Membership: Free is an large and active freelance community of 40,000 providers. A very well known site, I’ve hired freelancers from Elance many times, though I’ve had to be careful of some of their quality. This is true in any hiring situation, but seemingly more so here. Membership: Free (for Basic) is a huge job site that allows you to place bids on open projects. You are given a certain number of “bids” when you sign up. Each month you get an extra bid. Membership: Free but you can upgrade to gold membership for $12 which allows unlimited number of bids. is a huge site that offers more than just job opportunities. Here you can find critique groups, forums for networking, writing guidelines, even writing contests. Definitely worth a visit. Membership: Free offers jobs ranging from programming to writing, though they’re heavy on the techie side of things. Then who isn’t these days. I’ve hired writers from this site too. Improvements to their payment processing makes hiring and working go smoother. Membership: Free has grown rapidly over the years, expanding their offerings each year, but are now under new management. This could be good or bad. Let’s watch and see. A lot of their projects are “closed.” Let’s hope that’s just temporary. Membership: Free is a smaller community, giving you a chance to be a big fish in a small pond. I haven’t hired anyone from this site yet, however, they have a decent listing of jobs available. Membership: Free is a slick site with jobs and outsourcing projects available. It’s reputation is stellar. Maybe that’s why it isn’t free. Membership: Gold Plus $34.95 Monthly Subscription, Gold $24.95 Monthly Subscription, Gold $160.00 1 Year, Basic $14.95 Monthly Subscription, Basic $100.00 1 Year is a huge freelance writing community that offers a large array of resources for writers, including writing classes, but mostly it’s an online freelance magazine that covers a lot of topics on freelancing. There is a  link for job search listings too. Membership: $99 a year is well known in the freelance world one of the top internet job sites fro finding and placing work. I haven’t used them personally, but have heard some good street talk on their supply side. Membership: Free has long-hauled its way up the internet highway. They have a laid back attitude that personally I find appealing. I’ve never looked good in a suit anyway. Find work and get tips on writing. Membership: Free

We all know, the site that looks out for writers. They do such a good job at this that it takes over 15 seconds for their site to load on my lappie. (Okay, I know that’s my problem) They aren’t a job bid site, but I’ve included it because it’s an indispensible industry resource to help you find paying writing markets. They also have a very active forum, an article section, and classifieds.  Membership: Free

There you have it. Be sure to contact me with any other sites you’ve found that you want to tout and I’ll check them out. There are jobs out there for everyone. And we can all help each other find them.

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  2. linda covella Says:

    thanks for this!!!!

  3. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    You’re welcome, Linda! Let me know if you scope out any others that I missed. :)

  4. Claudine Says:

    Again, I’m just loving your site. What a great resource this article is!
    Thank you.

  5. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    Thank you for the great comments!! Please feel free to suggest any articles you want to see. :) (Or contact me about writing them)

  6. Claudine Says:

    Think I found one more (from Kim Komando’s site)


  7. NextGen Writer Blog Says:

    Twitter: nextgen_writer
    Great list of freelancing portals but usually you have to work your heart out and at the end of the day you get peanuts. They are good for beginners but sooner or later you should focus on your own website and social marketing to get full worth for your effort :)
    .-= NextGen Writer Blog´s last blog ..How To Be A Writer – A 6 Step Process (Without #5 You’ll Be Nothing But An Undiscovered Planet) =-.

  8. nirmal_writer Says:

    I have been into freelancing field for more than 8 years. I’m using many sites like greatlance, elance, for doing writing freelance jobs. Apart from this I use q&a sites, forum sites for earning.

  9. David Says:

    iWriter is one I recommend :) You can really get good content and cheap too

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