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Writer’s write, but they also read. One of my favorite things to read (besides great fiction and “how to” books on writing) are fellow writer’s post on various forums across the web.

But I got tired of googling “writing forums” each time I wanted them and forget bookmarking. Seriously. If you could see what an utter mess my bookmarks are! (How-to-bake-winter-squash site mixed in with a Writer’s Digest link surrounded by three old bank login links that don’t even work anymore)

So I decided to get smart and copy my favorites onto a word document and keep it in my files.

Here they are, dressed up snappy with my comments as to why I like them:

Fantastic Writing Forums
This is an On-Line Writing Community for all types of writers. Get reviews on your articles and press releases, write and read blogs, store and display your own writer’s forums online. 629,920 members and 1,343,423 literary items created since inception! Membership: Free
These forums are the place to discuss the craft and business of writing. Online for ten years with well-laid out topics on agents, editors, getting published, and honing your craft, this is a great place to get started. Membership: Free

The Writer Magazine
The writer magazine is an excellent resource for writers new and experienced to network online. Focus on the basis of writing, getting contracts, how to freelance, writing resources, even an online classified ad section. Membership: Free (Optional magazine subscription available)

Writers Digest
Probably the largest online forum, if not the most complete. If it’s called “writersdigest,” you know it’ll be filled with everything writing, from resources, to novel-writing how to’s, poetry and short-story sections. You name it. Even the latest news on your favorite authors. Membership: Free

Forward Motion for Writers
Celebrating over 10 years online, not as well organized as some of those above, but still full of great posts on writing by writers, both amateur and professional. The site emphasizes a strong commitment to helping writers. Membership: Free (donation requested)

Absolute Write
Huge forum on all aspects of writing, whether you’re new to writing or already published. The name says it all. Get information on paying markets, local events, writer workshops, open jobs, tips on how to write, and critique area. No matter your genre, they have you covered! Membership: Free

Accentuate Writers
Founded in 1994, this is a great place to network with other writers and promote your work. Get information on writing contests and paying jobs too. Membership: Free

The Writer’s Block
Very current forum from and to writers in various stages of their career. Whether freelance writing, screenwriting, playwriting, writing novels or nonfiction, you’ll find resources and writing exercises, and a a lot of helpful commiseration! Membership: Free
(But lurkers beware: active participation required)

Every Author
A bit literary and erudite, but still a lot of down-to-earth information on what we know and love and crave: writing! Great place to go for writing challenges dreamed up by the moderators. Membership: Free

The Writer’s Beat
Well organized forum with up-to-date postings on craft, markets, prompts, challenges and classifieds. Definitely worth a visit. All the nitty-gritty you can possibly read during your lunch hour. Membership: Free

Bahamas Writer
Focuses on promoting your writing with a great critique section for getting or giving help, as well as tips and general discussion on e-books, audio books, even song writing. Membership: Free

So there you have my top list. Feel free to contact me with any forums YOU know and love and I’ll add them here with a public “thank you.”

See you on the forums!

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19 Responses to “Fantastic Writer’s Forums”

  1. Micah Says:

    Love you and your work

  2. Claudine Says:

    This is my favorite post so far on your site. It’s just so packed with resources, yet says so clearly and briefly what each site has to offer. I can’t wait to explore them all.
    Great job.

  3. Lia Keyes Says:

    Twitter: liakeyes
    Regular useful lists like this would be a great feature that would bring people back time and again to check the lists. I love it!

  4. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    Thanks, guys! Be sure to let me know if you find any forums you love that aren’t on the list so we can add them. I’ll do more lists. Promise!

  5. Debra P Says:

    Thank you Brigitte for compiling this! You just saved me hours and hours of searching…
    This whole website is incredibly useful, creative and BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    Thank you, Debra! Every time I post something I’m filled with joy. Found my calling, I think. :)

  7. Lia Keyes Says:

    Twitter: liakeyes
    Should they be in alphabetical order? Or are they in order of preference? Would be nice to know, but love you for giving us this great list.

  8. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    I put them in order of size/preference. To be completely fair I should have alphabetized them, but…? :)

  9. Fay Knowles Says:

    Hi Birgitte, Thanks so much for including my website in your list of “Fantastic Writing Forums”. I am most honoured! Hope to see some of you here soon. Best wishes for much writing success to all of you – Fay

  10. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    You’re welcome, Fay! Thanks for having a great website!!!

  11. Fay Knowles Says:

    Thanks! Your site is really good too. I’ve bookmarked Necessary Writers and am starting to find my way around, but not sure what to do to be notified of new posts here?

  12. Fay Knowles Says:

    Oh, I see! I click on recent posts at the bottom.

  13. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    Don’t worry, it takes me a while to figure all that stuff out too. Glad for the internet, but it’s a land you shouldn’t navigate lightly, at least not without a teenager at the ready! :)

  14. Fay Knowles Says:

    So true!

  15. Fay Knowles Says:

    I tried to subscribe, but it didn’t work!

  16. Birgitte Says:

    Twitter: necessarywriter
    Eeek! What didn’t work? When I click on the link it takes me to the subscribe page. Were you subscribing in a feeder?

  17. Fay Knowles Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know. I just clicked on “To keep from missing any great writing articles, please subscribe.”

  18. Spaceape Says:

    Hello there – you may want to check out – they have a great set of prose forums separated by genre and an extremely active poetry community.

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