Acknowledgment Letter

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Focus: To let the recipient know that you received something from them, either a particular item you’d requested, or something unsolicited (like a gift), or even an intangible item like a recommendation, a referral, or an award.

Points to Include: In the introductory paragraph, state that you are writing this letter to acknowledge the recipient for providing the item, (gift, referral, whatever) and mention when you received it, like this: “I am writing to let you know that I received the book, “How to Write Effective Business Letters” on February 2, 2007.” In the main body of your letter, go into brief detail about why receiving the item was important to you: “As I mentioned at our last meeting, I am considering using this book as a textbook for my upcoming course on business correspondence.” The main body should have 3-4 good supporting sentences. Close the letter with a restatement of the benefits and why they are important. Be sure to thank them too: “I look forward to reading the book and have high hopes that it will be perfect for my students to learn business letter techniques. Thank you for your promptness.”

Benefit: Acknowledgement letters are not strictly necessary, unless they’ve been requested, but they go a long way to building goodwill and boosting business relationships. People like to be thanked for their actions.Writing an acknowledgement letter helps the recipient remember you in a positive way, and in business, that’s a good thing!

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