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In addition to the larger publishing houses, I’ve worked with a wide variety of creative and impressive publishers who present books written by cutting edge researchers and authors. While I love working with the big presses, the smaller (which does not mean “small”) publishers hold a special place in my heart as well.

Here is a group of other publishers for whom I’ve written indexes:

Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Social Issues” – Michael Shally-Jensen
Faces Around the World” – Margo DeMello
Modern Homelessness” – Mary Ellen Hombs

Berg (imprint of Oxford International Publishers)
Designing the Modern Interior” – Penny Sparke, Anne Massey, Trevor Keeble, Brenda Martin

Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace” – Dennis Reina and Michael Reina

A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st Centuries: From Catwalk to Sidewalk” Second Edition – Bonnie English
Oral History in the Visual Arts” – Linda Sandino, Matthew Partington

Cambridge University Press
Public Finance and Public Policy: Responsibilities and Limitations of Government” – Arye L. Hillman

Libraries Unlimited
Convergence and Collaboration of Campus Information Services” – Peter Hernon, Ronald R. Powell
From Boardbook to Facebook” – Adele M. Fasick
Hola, Amigos” – Susana G. Baumann
Make Room For Teens” – Michael Garrett Farrelly

The New Press
All That We Share” – Jay Walljasper
Fuel on the Fire” – Greg Muttitt
The Lost Soul of Higher Education” – Ellen Schrecker

New University Press
Parts Psychology” – Jay Noricks

Phoenix Books
Duchess of Death” – Richard Hack


Connected Viewing” – Jennifer Holt and Kevin Sanson
Conversations about Calling” – Valerie L. Myers
Culturally Relevant Arts Education For Social Justice” – Mary Stone Hanley, George W. Noblit, Gilda L. Sheppard, Tom Barone
The Global Obama”– Dinesh Sharma and Uwe P. Gielen
Handbook of Moral Development”– Melanie Killen and Judith G. Smetana
The Historical Origins of Terrorism in America”– Robert Kumamoto
Interpreting Tyler Perry”– Jamel Santa Cruze Bell, Ronald L. Jackson II
The Multilingual Turn”– Stephen May
Introduction to Neuropsychotherapy” – Ritva Laaksonen, Mirvi Ranta
Neurotherapy and Neurofeedback” – Theodore J. Chapin and Lori A. Russell-Chapin
The Politics of Regulatory Reform” – Stuart Shapiro and Debra Borie-Holtz
Progressive Community Organizing” – Loretta Pyles
The Promise and Perils of Transnationalization” – Benjamin Stachursky
Public Administration Research Methods” – Warren S. Eller, Brian J. Gerber, Scott E. Robinson
The Securitization of Property Squatting in Europe” – Mary Manjikian
The Social Media Handbook” – Jeremy Hunsinger and Theresa Senft
The State of College Access and Completion” – Laura W. Perna, Anthony P. Jones
Strategic Management in the Arts” – Lidia Varbanova
Sustainable Capitalism and the Pursuit of Well-Being” – Neil Harrison
Understanding Transatlantic Relations” – Serena Simoni
War and Independence in Spanish America” – Anthony MacFarlane
Women as Political Leaders” – Michael A. Genovese, Janie Steckenrider
Women, Science, and Technology” – Mary Wyer, Mary Barbercheck, Donna Cookmeyer, Hatice Örün Öztürk, Marta Wayne

Satya International
Sensational Meditation for Children” – Sarah Wood Vallely

Springer Publishing Company
Genius 101” – Dean Keith Simonton
Successful Grant Writing” – Laura N. Gitlin, Kevin J. Lyons
Transforming Nursing Education” – Susan Danbridge Bosher

Tsunami Press
Real Estate Tsunami Survivor’s Guide” – Peter Ingersoll

Wadsworth Publishing
Essentials of Cultural Anthropology” – Garrick Bailey, James Peoples

Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Communication and Education Skills for Dietetics Professionals” – Betsy B. Holli, Julie O’Sullivan Maillet,  Judith A. Beto, Richard J. Calabrese, PhD.

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