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Since 1949, Praeger has cultivated a distinguished reputation for producing scholarly and professional books in the social sciences and humanities, with special emphasis in modern history, military studies, psychology, business and economics, current events and social issues, international affairs, politics, the visual and performing arts, and literature.

The indexing division of Necessary Writers has indexed a large handful of books for Praeger. Click on the titles below to view some of the indexes we’ve written in the last few years for Praeger:

Aging in America” – John C. Cavanaugh, Christine K. Cavanaugh

Americans, Germans and War Crimes Justice” – James J. Weingartner

Beating The Bear” – Harold Bierman, Jr.

Best Laid Plans” – William A. Sherden

Change” – Jeffrey A. Kottler

Common Purse, Uncommon Future” – Joseph C. Manzella

Consciousness and the Social Brain” – Michael S. A. Graziano

Eco-Warriors, Nihilistic Terrorists, and the Environment” – Lawrence E. Likar

Freedom Without Borders” – Hoyt Barber

Future Bright” – Michael E. Martinez

Hate Crimes” – Barbara Perry,  Brian Levin

The Jews of Andhra Pradesh” – Yulia Egrova, Shahid Perwez

Laugh Yourself Thin” – Melanie W. Rotenberg

The Making of a Homegrown Terrorist” – Peter A. Olsson

Military Doctrine” – Bert Chapman

Monogamy” – Marianne Brandon

Monsters in the Mirror” – Sara Buttsworth, Maartje Abbenhuis

Next-Generation Wellness at Work” – Stephenie Overman

Reforming the Electoral Process in America” – Brian L. Fife

The Road to War” – Robert Kennedy

Sexuality Education” – Elizabeth Schroeder, Judy Kuriansky

Unexpected Consequences” – James William Martin

Who’s In Charge” – Laura H. Kahn

Women and Indigenous Religions” – Sylvia Marcos

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