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Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide.

The indexing division of Necessary Writers has indexed hundreds of books for Cengage. Some of the titles we’ve indexed in the last few years include:

Cengage “At Issue” Titles:

AI Adaptation Climate Change

AI Age of Consent

AI American Housing Crisis

AI Animal Experimentation

AI Are Abortion Rights Threatened

AI Are Books Becoming Extinct

AI Are Players’ Unions Good for Professional Sports Leagues

AI Are Unions Still Relevant

AI Assimilation

AI Beauty Pageants

AI Biodiversity

AI Can Glacier and Ice Melt be Reversed

AI Child Pornography

AI Children of Undocumented Immigrants

AI Club Drugs

AI Do Cellphones Cause Cancer

AI Do Infectious Diseases Pose a Threat

AI Do Students Have Too Much Homework

AI Drones

AI Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells

AI Extending the Human Lifespan

AI Foster Care

AI Fracking

AI Has Child Behavior Worsened

AI High School Dropouts

AI How Does Religion Influence Politics?

AI How Should Obesity Be Treated

AI How Should the U.S. Proceed in Iraq

AI Human Waste

AI Impact of E-Waste

AI Is China’s Economic Growth a Threat

AI Is Parenthood a Right or a Privilege

AI Is Racism a Serious Problem

AI Is the Western Diet Making the World Sick

AI Is Socialism Harmful

AI Juveniles without Parole

AI Mass Extinction

AI Mexico’s Drug War

AI Music Lyrics

AI Natural Disasters

AI Pandemics

AI Policing the Internet

AI Polygamy

AI Racial Profiling

AI Reality TV

AI RFID Technology

AI Role of Technology

AI Self-Defense Laws

AI Should Drilling Be Allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

AI Should the Federal Income Tax be Eliminated

AI Should the Government Regulate What People Eat

AI Should the Internet Be FreeAI Should Juveniles Be Given Life Without Parole

AI Should Legal Drinking Age be Lowered

AI Should Parents be Allowed to Choose the Sex of Their Children

AI Should Religious Symbols be Allowed on Public Lands

AI Should the Rich Pay Higher Taxes

AI Should the United States Be Bilingual

AI Should the United States Close Its Borders

AI Social Security

AI Solar Storms

AI Space Exploration

AI Standardized Testing

AI Student Loans

AI Technology and the Cloud

AI Teen Curfews

AI Teen Driving

AI Teen Residential Treatment Programs

AI Teen Suicide

AI Teens and Credit

AI Transgender People

AI Transportation

AI Voter Fraud

AI Weapons of War

AI What is the Future of the Music Industry

AI What is the Future of the US Economy

AI What is the Impact of Digitizing Books

AI What is the Impact of Twitter

AI Wikileaks

AI Will the World Run Out of Fresh Water

Cengage “Current Controversy” Titles:

CC Afghanistan

CC Aid to Africa

CC Alternative Therapies

CC Assisted Suicide

CC Biodiversity

CC Developing Nations

CC Disaster Response

CC Drug Legalization

CC Capitalism

CC E-books

CC Factory Farming

CC Family Violence

CC Forensic Technology

CC Gasoline

CC Gays in the Military

CC Global Warming

CC Green Movement

CC Guns and Violence

CC Human Trafficking

CC Immigration

CC Importing from China

CC Internet Activism

CC Iranian Green Movement

CC Islamophobia

CC Issues in Adoption

CC Media Ethics

CC Medicare

CC Mobile Apps

CC Modern Day Piracy

CC Oil Spills

CC Pakistan

CC Pesticides

CC Politics and Religion

CC Poverty and Homelessness

CC Racism

CC Rap and Hip Hop

CC Teens and Privacy

CC Global Food Crisis

CC Rights of Animals

CC Torture

CC Urban Sprawl

CC Violence in the Media

CC Wage Gap

CC Women in Politics

Cengage “Genocide and Persecution” Titles:

GAP Chile

GAP South Africa

GAP Sri Lanka

GAP Tibet

Cengage “Global Viewpoints” Titles:

GVP Abortion

GVP Aging

GVP Alcohol

GVP Child Soldiers

GVP Civil Liberties

GVP Culture of Beauty

GVP Drugs

GVP Energy Alternatives

GVP Famine

GVP Genetic Engineering

GVP Homosexuality

GVP Indigenous Peoples

GVP Popular Culture

GVP Slavery

GVP Sexual Violence

GVP Social Justice

Cengage “Opposing Viewpoints” Titles:

OVP Africa

OVP America’s Global Influence

OVP Anti-Anti-Semitism

OVP Behavioral Disorders

OVP Biological Warfare

OVP Bioterrorism

OVP Child Abuse

OVP China

OVP College Costs

OVP Community Policing

OVP Corporate Social Responsibility

OVP Criminal Justice

OVP Cuba

OVP Cults

OVP The Death Penalty

OVP Eco-Architecture

OVP Education

OVP Endangered Oceans

OVP European Union

OVP Federal Budget

OVP Gays in the Military

OVP Global Warming

OVP Government Spending

OVP Health Care

OVP Human Rights

OVP Inflation

OVP International Adoptions

OVP Iraq

OVP Islam

OVP Islamic Militancy

OVP Japan

OVP Latin America

OVP Male and Female Roles

OVP Mass Media

OVP Media Violence

OVP Medical Marijuana

OVP Medical Technology

OVP Medical Testing

OVP Middle East Peace Process

OVP Millennial Generation

OVP Minimum Wage

OVP Native Americans

OVP Natural Disasters

OVP Netiquette and Online Ethics

OVP North and South Poles

OVP Nuclear Power

OVP Obesity

OVP Outsourcing

OVP Pakistan

OVP Paranormal Phenomena

OVP Popular Culture

OVP Prescription Drug Abuse

OVP Race Relations

OVP Refugees

OVP Religion in America

OVP Renewable Energy

OVP Robotic Technology

OVP Russia

OVP Smartphones

OVP Social Justice

OVP Social Security

OVP Sports and Athletes

OVP Stem Cells

OVP Taliban

OVP Teen Dating

OVP Teens at Risk

OVP Terrorism

OVP Tobacco and Smoking

OVP Transportation

OVP Urban Agriculture

OVP The US Deficit

OVP US Latino Community

OVP Veterans

OVP Voting Rights

OVP Water

OVP Welfare

OVP Whistleblowers

OVP World Trade Organization

Cengage “Miscellaneous” Titles:

EAOAPA Public Art

HOI Democracy

IOT Juvenile Justice

IOT Native American Rights

IOT Organized Crime

IOT Right to Private Property

PMWH Munich Olympics Massacre

SIF Holocaust

SIF Web 2.0

SIFH People with Disabilities

SIL Issues of Class in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

TRF Birth Control

TRF Disabilities

TRF Discrimination

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