Description – Don’t Go Overboard

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Description can immediately set the stage for a compelling story. Or, it can put your reader to sleep.

Here is an example of 2 descriptive paragraphs:

Inside the terminal, the sharp smell of ozone and jet-fuel mingled with stale coffee. The large bay windows at Gate B34 dripped with the tenacious signs of last night’s thunderstorm. Grey skies imprisoned the five a.m. sunrise, reaching down to wrap even the largest jets in wispy fog.

John drew a tired breath, sucked the last drop from his six-dollar cup of airport coffee, and stuffed a well-read copy of yesterday’s newspaper into his carry-on, before shuffling into place in the long line of Thursday morning travelers destined for Chicago.

In the above example, mental images are created through the use of effective description. Why is that important?

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