What If I Quit Writing?

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Can I call myself a writer if I’m not writing?

Stagnation. Writer’s block. Too much work. Too little money. Too many whiny kids. The transmission in the car falls out.

All of it keeps me from writing.

So, if I’m not writing, can I call myself a writer? For too many months this question has haunted me. Writing friends ask, “How’s your novel going?”

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Wasted Away Again in Novel-Writer-Ville

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With apologies to Jimmy. If he needs me to deal with copyright stuff I will. Hey Jimmy, call me, babe!

Here we go!

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Embrace the Stories Around You

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When I was 21, something quite amazing happened. But back then, I didn’t quite fashion myself as a novelist, so I didn’t even recognize it or understand what a miraculous gift I was throwing away.

I’m talking about conversation. When an old man in my apartment building shared with me, “You know … I was on the Titanic,” I nodded politely, talked about the weather and went along my way. I’m still kicking myself today for not trusting my instinct to turn back.

Because it’s those rare encounters – gifts, really – that the novelist should cling to: Other people’s stories are your ticket to great fiction. And more.

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The Notebook: A Writer’s Secret Weapon

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I was watching a movie with my husband recently (They Were Soldiers), and in the middle of it, the perfect opening line for a future novel popped into my head.

It was brilliant. Wonderful. Gripping. Succinct. And, sadly…gone as quickly as it had arrived.


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Claudine Rogers Joins Necessary Writers

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Reading was my first love.

Some of my earliest memories are not of the world in which I lived, but of the more-than-real world in my head, painted there in vivid, wild and everlasting color, by other people’s words.  The heartbreak and elation, despair and laughter, weakness and courage, of the characters that walked that world, were mine as well.

Writing was my second love.

The hypnotic, rhythmic cadence of poetry written by that Grand Old Lady of my childhood, Mother Goose, first caught and held my fancy, and I began to write my own verse.  Since that time I’ve written poetry, children’s plays, songs and essays.

Two years ago, I began to write a novel.

Writing, for me, is a circular endeavor.  What I mean is this:  It fascinates me how writing and life have a cause and effect relationship. On one hand, I live my life and then use writing to describe my experiences to others.  In this case, life is the cause, writing the effect.  On the other hand, I write my plans and dreams down on paper and that writing, in its turn, forms my life.  In this case, writing is the cause and life is the effect.

In the same way, when I feel things and write them down to analyze or explain them, life causes writing.  On the flip side, my writing can sometimes bring on feelings or motivate changes in others, and in that way, writing causes life.

There’s continuity to writing, a kind of yin and yang, where one completes the other, and a beauty in it that reaches toward a spiritual truth.

Writing is both an escape from life, and an invitation to dive, unshielded, into it. It is an extension of my feelings, a way to reveal myself to the world, and in turn, to reason and make sense of that world as it reveals itself to me with all its tragedy and beauty.

Writing is joy: a way for me to connect by words to God’s creation, as I believe God connects to us, and even spoke the very world into existence with His word.

I spent the first part of my life writing words for my own pleasure.  I hope to spend the rest of it writing words that might please others.

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Articles written by Claudine for Necessary Writers:

Baby Writer Seeks Freedom From Diapers – Time for a Change

Posted by: Claudine Rogers  :  Category: Inspiration

I’m a baby. My brother and sister knew it almost as soon as they met me. I can still hear them chanting, “Baby, Baby, Baby. Kindergarten Gravy.” Well, okay, I was almost literally a baby then.

Now, after two years of wanting to take myself seriously as a writer, I’m still stuck in the infancy of my writing life.

I’ve been a fledgling writer since November of 2007 when I participated in my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which takes place every November. I joined writers and would-be writers, all over the globe, and committed to composing a 50,000-word novel in thirty days.

It was not a perfect month for me, and neither was it a perfect novel, but I ended up with just over 50,000 words to squish around. That was fun, but the revision process gave the “adult me” cold feet. I wanted to walk away. Make that run away and hide.


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Paul Stokstad Joins Necessary Writers

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Variety isn’t the “spice of life,” it’s the meat and potatoes. Variety is everywhere, and it keeps us moving through life with interest and awe. I believe the “spice of life” is found in those few extraordinary people that we meet who add seasoning to plain-old variety until it tantalizes us with its aroma. Paul Stokstad is one of these enticing people.

I met Paul over 20 years ago on the dance floor right about the time I met my husband. (Also on the dance floor, and we’ll worry about what that says about me some other day).

Even then, he was a poet. I could tell by the way he moved. Certain people just embody a poetic quality that transcends written words. At the time I didn’t know Paul wrote poetry, but I could tell from his dancing that he was an artist. We danced together for years, and still to this day we dance, only now we rumba with words.

Paul has been writing poetry for about 32 years, with occasional breaks for food, water, and of course, dancing.

He currently works in web marketing and design, putting his earlier skills of teaching advertising copy, journalism, web marketing, and comedy writing, to work. A good portion of Paul’s life was dedicated to serving as a trainer, founder and producer for multiple improv theatre troupes. A skill he draws on for his art.

Paul is a peace activist, mainly online. His hobbies include movies, tennis, partner dancing, writing poetry and exploring emerging web technologies such as animoto.com.

He reads historical novels and science fiction/fantasy. He teaches Transcendental Meditation. He is a hopeful romantic.

I’m thrilled to have Paul join Necessary Writers. The knowledge and inspiration he’ll bring to everyone here will fill our writing and our lives with gusto.

Bon Apetit!

When Paul isn’t contributing poetic discourses to Necessary Writers, you can find him here:

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Top Ten Reasons to be a Freelance Writer

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Or “How I Learned to Boss my Cat.”

Working as a freelance writer has its good and bad side. The good has a lot to do with coffee shop Wi-Fi and casual “every days.” The bad has to do with utility bills and checking your email for the 254th time in 60 minutes.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I keep working as a Freelance Writer. (Even after my kids have started asking the dog “What’s for dinner?”)

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On Creativity and “Genius”

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Author, Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”) shares her insight into the creative process. Whether you’re suffering writer’s block or in the throws of a writing frenzy, this inspiring talk will gift you with even more greatness.

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Am I Really a Writer?

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window writingThat was the question a writer friend of mine asked me the other day. “Should I keep writing? Or am I just fooling myself into thinking I can do this?” Then she added, “This is an honest-to-goodness real question. Not a lift-me-up and make be feel better question.”

I figured I had better make an honest to goodness real effort in answering it and not just type some flippant response.

So here’s my answer, I’m sharing it with you guys in case anyone else has asked themselves the same question:

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