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What you get:
Detailed evaluation of your work by Birgitte Necessary, with focus on story structure, character analysis, scene structure, voice, theme, line edits, and any other aspect of writing that you specifically request.

What you give:
If you are in a workshop with other writers (recommended) you are required to offer a brief critique of their submissions. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re just learning, and would have nothing constructive to say. If you read fiction, you know what you like. You can speak to that aspect of anyone’s writing. “I like your character because….”

If we are working one-on-one, you give me your pledge that no matter how frustrated you get, (and you will get frustrated) you’ll never trash talk your own writing or story. (You can call your main character bad names though, if you want.) Oh, and I guess I have to take my own advice on that one. Sigh.

Novels: $250 for 10,000-12,000 words submitted over a 10-week period, approximately 2,000 words every two weeks. Submitting less words (1,000 every week, for instance) is not as productive for either of us because I need a certain amount of material to get a feel for the  flow of your story.

Short Stories: $300 for no more than 10,000 words, (Shorts usually max out at 5,000-7,000 words, but I know you’ll have to write more to write less.) submitted over a 10-week period approximately 2,000 words every two weeks.

Short-Shorts: These are the hardest form of fiction to write. Every single word has to do double and triple duty to carry the story. Short shorties max out at about 1,000 words, but you will be writing a lot more before I slash them all down. (I mean before I edit them). I charge an upfront fee of $100, (for the first 1000 words submitted) and then $25 for every additional 500 words. The timeline for short shorties can vary, and I’m not strict about the every 2 week submission rule like I am above.

If you are under deadline, let me know and we can negotiate an alternate schedule.

If you consistently go over the maximum number of words, or need to structure special or additional critiques, we can incorporate fees from the ala carte menu.

A la Carte Rates:
Per page rate: $10 (includes line editing)
Per hour rate: $50 (for phone consultations regarding plot, story structure, brainstorming, character analysis, story marketing.

**Note: All work MUST be submitted according to industry submission standards. That means 12 pt Courier font (I’ll take Times New Roman too, I’m not snarky), double spaced (no extra returns between paragraphs), first line of each paragraph indented, 1” margins all around. If you submit work in any other format, I will not read it until it is in compliance with these industry standards. If your aim is to get published, you might as well learn proper submission formatting.

Why hire me? Read the comments below or find out a little more about me here.

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