Poetry Couplets – Aren’t We a Pair?

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“Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession
of definition.”

— Eli Khamarov

Poetry is the ultimate persuasive argument. Through the use of verse, you present your thoughts by giving the reader an emotional picture of what is in your mind, and guide them to an understanding of that picture by the words you choose and how you arrange them. Unlike straight prose (though even that has a poetic element) you can build the words of poetry into specific formations to create a structure that has visual and emotional presence.

One of the basic units of poetry is the “couplet.” An understanding of this form of word building sets the stage for any of your future poetic endeavors. So let’s talk couplets, and for fun, gab about word-building through the use of iambs like “iambic pentameter.” Ready?

Then let’s take the road less traveled….

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