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Interested in becoming a contributing writer?

First things first, this is a non-paying gig. (Yes, I can hear the back-clicks now) But each contributing writer will get their own bio on the site with links to their own site(s). Free publicity is worth something, then, isn’t it?

(Important: Because I’m not paying you for your articles, you retain full copyright.)

I know the value of paid work, especially writing. I need it , thrive on it, can’t live without it. It’s just that the purpose of this site is to share wisdom and experiences with fellow writers on writing. This type of free-share/reciprocal linking arrangement isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. Enjoy the site anyway. Read the articles. Soak in the wisdom. We still love you.

If you don’t mind the idea of a share-for-all, by presenting your writing experiences and wisdom to a group of dedicated writers eager to read it, then here are the general guidelines for submitting articles:

Regular Contributor: You have shown consistent quality in your writing as an Occasional Contributor so I’ve sent you an invitation to amp it up. You’ve said, “Yes.” (Hey, thanks!) You’ll get a decent sized photo of your choice, several paragraphs worth of self-written bio and up to 5 links to your website/blog/twitter page etc. Plus your name on the home page of our site.

Occasional Contributor: You have emailed me asking if you can contribute here and there, whenever. No pressure. I’ve read your work and like it and said, “Yes.” Write whenever you feel like it. You’ll get a head shot thumbnail and quick bio with a link to your website or blog. To stay on this list, consider contributing once or twice a year. After a year of silence, I might send you an email to see if you’re still alive. (If you aren’t, we’ll place your picture and epitaph on our Spirit Writers page.)

What Do You Write About? Not fly fishing. (Unless you’re Norman Maclean) Write about your experiences as a struggling or successful or hopeful writer. Write what you’ve learned about scene structure, or how to write beautiful description, or how to market your nonfiction writing business, or interesting things that happened to you at writer’s workshops and retreats (or what you learned there!) or just anything writer related. Look through the site and search for topics. If you can’t find a subject covered, then it needs to be written about! Write it. If you can’t find a category that your topic will fit in, don’t worry, we’ll just make one.

How Do I Submit? Via the contact me form, by cutting and pasting your article into the box. Easy-smeasy.

Query me by using the contact me form. I’m a nice person and don’t bite, unless I’m low on caffeine. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Gee, this could be the start of something grand!

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