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Hi! You wouldn’t know this but I’ve been staring at this blank screen for 20 minutes now, trying to figure out what to say about myself. How pathetic is that? I hate those bios that sound like stuffy curriculum vitae, that force you to read them because you have to hire me for something equally as boring. So let me just sum up my writer self in a few main points:

  • I write because if I don’t, I would drown in the stress of life.
  • I wrote my first story in 5th grade and never stopped.
  • I love how songs can tell a whole story in approx. 3 minutes.
  • I had to start this blog on writing for writers because I’ve searched online for 10 years and never found anything remotely like it. (And I need it!)
  • Yes, I’m working on a novel. Who isn’t?
  • No, I’m not finished yet.
  • Yes, I will finish in 2010! Right? (Okay, wrong. It’s 2012 and I’m still working on it.)
  • I’ve spent the last decade or so, working as a writer and studying all forms of the craft, from fiction to nonfiction to writing back-of-the book indexes. I write nonfiction, literary fiction and have indexed over 300 reference and text books.
  • I can help you write too. Check out my classes and workshops here.
  • I have to write or die.

Welcome to Necessary Writers! Grab a drink and stay awhile. You’ll learn a lot and if we’re all lucky, we’ll learn a lot from you too! So post. Comment. Join a class. Join our team of contributing writers. And thanks for being here! Write on!

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