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Necessary Writers welcomes Emily Wenstrom as a contributing writer. I’m thrilled to place Emily’s knowledge and expertise at your fingertips! A prolific writer of “how-to” on craft, Emily speaks from a potent blend of “been there done that”  mixed with a constant stream of “been there still doing it,” that makes her advice and suggestions timely and immediate.

Emily is a professional writer working in marketing and public relations. She blogs about creativity in art and career at Creative Juicer. She also recently launched wordhaus, a short story zine built for the digital age, now seeking submissions.

Follow her on Twitter at@emilywenstrom.

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Melissa Crytzer Fry Joins Necessary Writers

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I was one of those nerdy kids in school who always won the Read-a-Thon contest. And, when we got the little newsprint order forms on book day, I made sure I returned mine the next day with my hefty order.

Fortunately, my parents supported my habit – and encouraged me to do stalker-like things, such as writing to my favorite authors (Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume)… Am I dating myself? They both did write back, by the way. And I still have their letters.

That early fascination with words on paper continued to grow over the years as I graduated to coercing my older sister into writing homespun newspapers. What a hoot they are to read today!

Then in high school and college, my obsession with print and words continued as I worked on the yearbook and newspaper.

The real thrill, however, began when I started getting paid to write as a reporter for a small daily Ohio newspaper. What college student doesn’t love extra cash in her pockets? My first front-page assignment was to write about El Niño’s impact on farmers. While many might have found the topic boring or too ‘agricultural,’ I was ecstatic. Unbeknownst to my editor, who apologized profusely about the story topic, I’d grown up in rural Pennsylvania in the middle of my grandfather’s 200-acre dairy farm. The assignment was perfect.

Since my college years, my writing career has turned into its own weather phenomenon: a whirlwind of sorts. I blink, and I’m not sure where the time has gone. But after working in a handful of higher education and corporate communications jobs over the years, I probably wouldn’t change much. Except, maybe if I’d known that you could get paid to write movies, I’d have pursued a screenwriting career. In my high school, if you excelled in English, you became an English teacher. Period. (And, yes, I am certified to teach 7-12 English and communications, though I chose a PR/editor position as my first job.)

After eight years of working for someone else, I decided, in 2001, it was time to fly solo as a freelancer. Sadly, the decision was spurred by the death of my sister-in-law, who lost her battle with breast cancer at age 40. Her passing was a wake-up call that life is too short. And since I’d always talked about starting my own writing business, I decided I should just do it.

It was the best decision I ever made, paying better than any of my previous jobs and giving me the flexibility to pursue my creative writing thirst as well.

In October 2009 (yes… it took me awhile), I finished my first novel and am now awaiting contest results/seeking agent representation. For me, this moment is what all the other moments in my career have led up to. Like everyone else out there, I’d love nothing more than to transition to fulltime novelist in coming years.

Until that happens, though, I will continue to enjoy the thrill of learning about new topics and meeting fascinating people as I write magazine articles, brochures, newsletters, Websites, whitepapers, bios – and all that other fun stuff.

And, of course, I will continue that childhood passion of reading books … and my adult passion of writing them.

Articles written by Melissa for Necessary Writers:

Learn more about Melissa and her freelance business, AZCommPro here: http://melissacrytzerfry.com/


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Claudine Rogers Joins Necessary Writers

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Reading was my first love.

Some of my earliest memories are not of the world in which I lived, but of the more-than-real world in my head, painted there in vivid, wild and everlasting color, by other people’s words.  The heartbreak and elation, despair and laughter, weakness and courage, of the characters that walked that world, were mine as well.

Writing was my second love.

The hypnotic, rhythmic cadence of poetry written by that Grand Old Lady of my childhood, Mother Goose, first caught and held my fancy, and I began to write my own verse.  Since that time I’ve written poetry, children’s plays, songs and essays.

Two years ago, I began to write a novel.

Writing, for me, is a circular endeavor.  What I mean is this:  It fascinates me how writing and life have a cause and effect relationship. On one hand, I live my life and then use writing to describe my experiences to others.  In this case, life is the cause, writing the effect.  On the other hand, I write my plans and dreams down on paper and that writing, in its turn, forms my life.  In this case, writing is the cause and life is the effect.

In the same way, when I feel things and write them down to analyze or explain them, life causes writing.  On the flip side, my writing can sometimes bring on feelings or motivate changes in others, and in that way, writing causes life.

There’s continuity to writing, a kind of yin and yang, where one completes the other, and a beauty in it that reaches toward a spiritual truth.

Writing is both an escape from life, and an invitation to dive, unshielded, into it. It is an extension of my feelings, a way to reveal myself to the world, and in turn, to reason and make sense of that world as it reveals itself to me with all its tragedy and beauty.

Writing is joy: a way for me to connect by words to God’s creation, as I believe God connects to us, and even spoke the very world into existence with His word.

I spent the first part of my life writing words for my own pleasure.  I hope to spend the rest of it writing words that might please others.

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Articles written by Claudine for Necessary Writers:

Contributor Guidelines

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Interested in becoming a contributing writer?

First things first, this is a non-paying gig. (Yes, I can hear the back-clicks now) But each contributing writer will get their own bio on the site with links to their own site(s). Free publicity is worth something, then, isn’t it?

(Important: Because I’m not paying you for your articles, you retain full copyright.)

I know the value of paid work, especially writing. I need it , thrive on it, can’t live without it. It’s just that the purpose of this site is to share wisdom and experiences with fellow writers on writing. This type of free-share/reciprocal linking arrangement isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. Enjoy the site anyway. Read the articles. Soak in the wisdom. We still love you.

If you don’t mind the idea of a share-for-all, by presenting your writing experiences and wisdom to a group of dedicated writers eager to read it, then here are the general guidelines for submitting articles:

Regular Contributor: You have shown consistent quality in your writing as an Occasional Contributor so I’ve sent you an invitation to amp it up. You’ve said, “Yes.” (Hey, thanks!) You’ll get a decent sized photo of your choice, several paragraphs worth of self-written bio and up to 5 links to your website/blog/twitter page etc. Plus your name on the home page of our site.

Occasional Contributor: You have emailed me asking if you can contribute here and there, whenever. No pressure. I’ve read your work and like it and said, “Yes.” Write whenever you feel like it. You’ll get a head shot thumbnail and quick bio with a link to your website or blog. To stay on this list, consider contributing once or twice a year. After a year of silence, I might send you an email to see if you’re still alive. (If you aren’t, we’ll place your picture and epitaph on our Spirit Writers page.)

What Do You Write About? Not fly fishing. (Unless you’re Norman Maclean) Write about your experiences as a struggling or successful or hopeful writer. Write what you’ve learned about scene structure, or how to write beautiful description, or how to market your nonfiction writing business, or interesting things that happened to you at writer’s workshops and retreats (or what you learned there!) or just anything writer related. Look through the site and search for topics. If you can’t find a subject covered, then it needs to be written about! Write it. If you can’t find a category that your topic will fit in, don’t worry, we’ll just make one.

How Do I Submit? Via the contact me form, by cutting and pasting your article into the box. Easy-smeasy.

Query me by using the contact me form. I’m a nice person and don’t bite, unless I’m low on caffeine. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Gee, this could be the start of something grand!

Contact Me

Birgitte Necessary

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Hi! You wouldn’t know this but I’ve been staring at this blank screen for 20 minutes now, trying to figure out what to say about myself. How pathetic is that? I hate those bios that sound like stuffy curriculum vitae, that force you to read them because you have to hire me for something equally as boring. So let me just sum up my writer self in a few main points:

  • I write because if I don’t, I would drown in the stress of life.
  • I wrote my first story in 5th grade and never stopped.
  • I love how songs can tell a whole story in approx. 3 minutes.
  • I had to start this blog on writing for writers because I’ve searched online for 10 years and never found anything remotely like it. (And I need it!)
  • Yes, I’m working on a novel. Who isn’t?
  • No, I’m not finished yet.
  • Yes, I will finish in 2010! Right? (Okay, wrong. It’s 2012 and I’m still working on it.)
  • I’ve spent the last decade or so, working as a writer and studying all forms of the craft, from fiction to nonfiction to writing back-of-the book indexes. I write nonfiction, literary fiction and have indexed over 300 reference and text books.
  • I can help you write too. Check out my classes and workshops here.
  • I have to write or die.

Welcome to Necessary Writers! Grab a drink and stay awhile. You’ll learn a lot and if we’re all lucky, we’ll learn a lot from you too! So post. Comment. Join a class. Join our team of contributing writers. And thanks for being here! Write on!

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