Take a Risk with Your Next Assignment

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Step right up!

No, I’m not talking about the carnival’s Skee Ball game. I’m talking about stepping right up and right out of your comfort zone when it comes to the assignments you take on as a freelance writer.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from nearly a decade of freelance writing, it’s that you don’t have to be an expert on every topic to which you’re assigned a brochure, newsletter or article.

I also learned that by letting go of that fear and insecurity, you just might land yourself some interesting and lucrative assignments. Here’s how:

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Thinking Freelance? Melissa’s Getting Started Tips

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So you think you’re ready to trade in the business jacket/skirt and land of cubbies, for slippers, sweats and the comfort of your own home office?

Or are you just finally ready to follow that dream of writing while getting paid for it?

Although it’s always helpful to have worked in the communications field before branching out as a freelancer, it’s not a must. Would-be freelance writers without oodles of existing magazine clips, newsletter samples or blogging experience can get a foot in the door by following the same steps as experienced writers.

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Seriously Huge List of Freelance Job Sites

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A freelance writer has many options when it comes to finding a place to bid on jobs. (Or hire jobbers.) Through various online marketplaces you can easily join the millions of users who take advantage of third-party job sites to make a living online.

Think of them as online temp agencies. Clients post their job needs or vacancies and you answer by submitting resumes and work samples.

Job categories are as varied as the real world, with lots of work for writers. Usually. The economy has had an impact, but these sites keep churning out the offerings. So I keep visiting them. Get your vitals ready and go on out there. You and I both know that your dog is in serious need of kibble.

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Fantastic Writer’s Forums

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Writer’s write, but they also read. One of my favorite things to read (besides great fiction and “how to” books on writing) are fellow writer’s post on various forums across the web.

But I got tired of googling “writing forums” each time I wanted them and forget bookmarking. Seriously. If you could see what an utter mess my bookmarks are! (How-to-bake-winter-squash site mixed in with a Writer’s Digest link surrounded by three old bank login links that don’t even work anymore)

So I decided to get smart and copy my favorites onto a word document and keep it in my files.

Here they are, dressed up snappy with my comments as to why I like them:

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Freelance Do’s and Don’t’s

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I can hear you now, “A freelance writer marketing themselves?  Can’t I just write?”

Of course you can. By all means write. Just don’t expect to sell anything. To sell your work you have to take the pencil out of your mouth and start talking. On the internet that’s pretty easy. In fact, put the pencil back in your mouth. To talk online you just need your hands.

Here is a crucial list of Do’s and Don’ts for marketing your book, articles, or website on the internet.

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