Persuasive Copy Writing

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We all like to win arguments. Come on, admit it. You want to be right. Right? Of course you do! (I’m right, aren’t I?)

Persuasive writing is a perfectly legal way to win an argument. Or at least try. In a nutshell, it’s a form of writing where the writer takes a stand either FOR or AGAINST a topic, and then works to convince the reader without having to endure a single, “Yeah, but.” It’s one of my favorite forms of writing.

The main goal of the persuasive writer is to get the reader to believe what they’re reading, or to convince them to take some kind of action.

Here are some tips to help persuade you:

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Effective Mission Statements

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Anyone who starts a business does so for a specific reason, even if that reason is just to get filthy rich or because they were forced to by their father, their father’s father, their father’s, father’s father—you get my point.

How many people consciously know why they start a business? More importantly: how many people can explain why they started that particular business?

And why should they need to?

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